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Jul 2, 2024
Campbell, Cameron Dougall; Chen, Bijia; Ren, Yuxue; Lee, James, 2019, "China Government Employee Database-Qing (CGED-Q) Jinshenlu Public Release", https://doi.org/10.14711/dataset/E9GKRS, DataSpace@HKUST, V17, UNF:6:dOARWx3C+vLV4EIUDXgA9g== [fileUNF]
The China Government Employee Database – Qing Jinshenlu (CGED-Q JSL) is a database constructed by the Lee-Campbell Group from records of officials in the jinshenlu that was prepared every three months during the Qing by the Department of Selection (文選司) under the Ministry of Pers...
Sep 9, 2022
Campbell, Cameron Dougall, 2022, "Replication Data for Nominative Linkage of Records of Officials in the China Government Employee Dataset-Qing (CGED-Q)", https://doi.org/10.14711/dataset/M8HQEA, DataSpace@HKUST, V4
These tabulations are the basis of the tables in the paper Replication Data for Nominative Linkage of Records of Officials in the China Government Employee Dataset-Qing (CGED-Q) in by Cameron Campbell and Bijia Chen in Historical LIfe Course Studies (2022). These include tabulati...
Dec 7, 2015
Campbell, Cameron Dougall; Lee, James; Dong, Hao, 2015, "Longitudinal Links to Construct the Korean Multi-Generational Panel Dataset – Tansung (KMGPD-TS) from the Tansung Household Registers", https://doi.org/10.14711/dataset/IVIDZV, DataSpace@HKUST, V1
The longitudinal and interpersonal links provided here transform the cross-sectional Tansung Household Registers (THR) data to a multi-generational panel dataset which we refer to as Korean Multi-Generational Panel Dataset-Tansung (KMGPD-TS). This linkage work was carried out and...
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